Hulagway sa Kinabuhi: Relo

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Once again it’s Tuesday and this will be a post for HULAGWAY SA KINABUHI, a meme participated in by bloggers who speak our native tongue, Cebuano or Bisaya.

Mga duha ka semana ang nilabay nakakita mi aning “Sale ” sa mga Casio nga relo.  Uy, ang 990 THB tag 390 na lang… nag sukod-sukod ko.

hhmmm.. asa’y nindot? :)

Two weeks ago Casio watches had a grand sale.  Nice watches were sold at 390 THB from the usual 990.  I decided to try on some.  Which one’s nicer?

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3 Responses to Hulagway sa Kinabuhi: Relo

  1. ahmee says:

    Patsada ang duha Raya…gipalit nimo? Baratuha ana oiii…naa paba? hahahaha…followed you too and dropping by from Hulagway hahahay sa Kinabuhi natong mga Bisaya , KUK!

  2. Hala ka nindot nila. Ako silver gyud. Dili ko mahilig sa gold. :D

  3. imriz says:

    hello good evening. im done with my WW post already. I remembered linking my quick post to ur meme…maybe u can link me up as soon as u have made ur linky…

    will have to bloghop tomorrow night after my mommy duties :)

    thanks very much:)

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