Ice cold orange juice

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A perfect (and yummy) way to beat Bangkok heat! Happy Yummy Sunday, everyone!


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22 Responses to Ice cold orange juice

  1. tejan says:

    wow! yummy sunday kaagad..heheh..saturday palang dito..wanna greet you a happy mother’s day! see you around!

  2. Gengen says:

    Sarap niyan…Happy YS!

  3. Jenny says:

    AS i hear Thailand is hotter than pinas? wow perfect drink talaga talaga yang juice mo and yummy of course…

  4. Mirage says:

    Love the summer-y colors!

  5. travelholic says:

    Makes me sooooo thirsty right now! Makahanap nga ng mainom! :D

    I have Green Mother’s Day Hop at the Riverfront entry; hope to see you at mine! ;-)

  6. January says:

    wow.. very refreshing. gusto ko nyan..:)

    Visiting from Green Monday
    Hope You can visit my Greens: Bouquet, Cake on Mother’s Day and One Perfect Day. Thanks!

  7. Jemina S says:

    That drink looks refreshing enough! Perfect on a sunny Monday like this.

  8. Gengen says:

    Wow sarap…happy GM!

  9. gagay says:

    perfect for summer!

    visiting from Yummy Sunday! my entry is this

  10. Ms Burrito says:

    Looks refreshing.

  11. Cecile says:

    what a refreshing entry on Gm :-)

  12. wow! I like to drink that.

  13. what a refreshing drink! Perfect for the summer.

  14. angie says:

    this would be so good on a hot summer day

  15. Cookie says:

    thirst quencher!

  16. nanay says:

    Hi Raya! how are you… thanks for visiting my blog.

  17. Marelie says:

    wow! you have a very lovely blog! I am your newest follower!

  18. wow, refreshing. Thanks for joining. Hoping to see you soon in monday. I do hope you can leave some comment on my post too.

    Thanks, thanks.

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