Ngisi (Smile)

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This is my entry to Hulagway sa Kinabuhi, a weekly meme by a group of bloggers who speak our language, Cebuano– THE BISDAK BLOGGERS.

Kini akong anak maulaw jud mo ngisi kung magpahulagway.  Ambot ngano ni siya!  Tan awa ra gud… dili jud natural iyang ngisi.

My boy is so camera conscious. He cannot smile infront of the camera.  I really don’t know where he got this, since all of us love to have our photos taken!  He has the most unnatural smile when someone would try to take his photo.

Kini, take 2.  Mao gihapon! kahulogon na lang ang rabbit sige mi balik balik ug pa ngisi sa iya! haha!

Ok this is take 2– the same.  The rabbit, by this time is about to fall because it took so much time for him to smile naturally! haha!


5 thoughts on “Ngisi (Smile)”

  1. ay ang cute ng smile!!! 😉
    serious k sis gsto mo ng header? anu b gusto mo? I mean anu style eh kasi limited ang aking resources I cant give ung mga ibang scrap…all i can do is just like ung sa mami and family…lets see what can i do for you sis…which blog ba?

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