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A group of Bloggers who speak our language, Cebuano have come up with this meme called HULAGWAY SA KINABUHI— this post is supposed to start with a letter N.

“Nindot” means “pleasant to look at”– so I am going to share something “nindot” today…


Nindot kaayo tan-awon ang pagsawop sa adlaw… ang mga kolor mo lahi-lahi sa pipila lang ka segondo. ┬áKining maong pagsawop sa adlaw nakita ko sa Koh Lipe, isla sa South Thailand samtang nag uban ko ug bakasyon sa akong su-od nga mga higala nga si Janet ug Lalaine.

Sunsets are such a pleasant sight… the colors change practically ever second. ┬áThis beautiful sunset scene was at Koh Lipe, South Thailand when me and my friends Janet and Lalaine went out for a break.





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