Orange stars

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We call this flower “santan” in our country. They’re like little stars stuck together in a bundle. There are different colors of santan, and this orange one caught my attention!

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8 Responses to Orange stars

  1. Vhen says:

    BTW, want to exchange links sis? just leave me a message.. thanks…

  2. Gagiers says:

    Oh santan…I remember when I was still a kid. I used to pick up this santan flower because I find it beautiful for my teacher’s dest:-) ( just wanted to impress my teacher too hehhee) MY ORANGE TUESDAY HERE hope you can visit:-)

  3. imriz says:

    seldom that i get to see orange santans here, mostly red na.

    take time to drop by my other OT posts

  4. January says:

    that’s nice.. I should look for santan para mapicturan ko ng close-up hehe

    Visiting from Orange Tuesday
    Hope you can come and visit my Oranges: Play Gym and Magic Flakes. Thanks!

  5. Mona says:

    Nice flower, i’m not familiar with it but i find the flowers pretty, visiting thru orange tuesday!

  6. Darly says:

    ive got lots of fond childhood memories of this flower, good stuff

    Here’s my entry

  7. Shengkay says:

    i was thinking when was the last time I saw this Santan..

    Thanks Mommy for joining my Orange Tuesdays ..see you next round..

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